Thursday, October 6, 2011

WindowBlinds 7.1 Build 273 + Crack

Kumpulan Software Gratis | WindowBlinds 7.1 Build 273 | WindowBlinds is a program that allows you to completely change the look and feel of Windows to however you want it to look like. 

WindowBlinds allows you to completely customize your desktop look by changing the style of title buttons, bars and toolbars. You can change the look of buttons and check boxes by assigning them skins, or personalities, and you can assign buttons that will launch programs to toolbars. 

You can create your own skins, choose from the four that are included in the program, or download additional ones. You can also choose to exclude certain programs from WindowBlinds if you don`t want to change their appearances.

Applying visual styles : In addition to the shortcut to the WindowBlinds Advanced Config window in your Start menu, you can change WB visual styles and settings from either the Skins or Appearance tab in Display Properties.

Set the skin to Windows Classic to not use a WB skin on startup (or use the options on the Skins tab or in the Advanced Config window).

Be sure to check out to select from over 3200 free visual styles.

WindowBlinds has been designed and tested to be as compatible with with thousands of applications and pieces of hardware available. Its memory load is quite low (unless you are using complex skins with lots of animation) and any oddities with specific apps can generally be worked around quickly (see the Troubleshooting section of the online help file for more information).

New Add Themes
1. 7 Inspirat
2. Black Glass
3. Black System
4. Black Vista
5. Vista Aero (Blue Tiberium)
6. Clear
7. Crystal
8. Dark Side
9. Exos XP
10. INVI Pro EN4
11. INVI Pro V14
12. iPhoneix
13. Pandora
14. Trisk
15. Stitches
16. Vienna
17. Vista RTM
18. Vista Brushed
19. Wii Black
20. Windows 7 Clear Glass
21. Windows Insomnia Clear Satin II
22. XP Smoked Glass

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